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Coal Batching Feeder

Coal Batching Feeder

Scale fixed in the head or under the bottom of main raw materials (clay, etc.) belt conveyor, continuously detecting the main raw materials rate of flow, the flow signal is transmitted to the microcomputer controller, batching feeder (or water dispenser) controlled by controller, which calculates the rates of excipients (or water) according to the ratio set in advance and the main raw material flow meter, add the ingredients on belt or into mixer. That is the main raw materials more input, accessories plus more, less main raw materials input, plus less accessories, scaled automatically added.

* Increase rate of finished product and firing temperature
* Decrease probability of kiln body burning down
* Decrease fuel consumption (5% -12%)
* Avoid the loss of green brick collapsing because of moisture inhomogeneous
* Decrease comprehensive production cost, increase economic efficiency


Data Unit of measurement Coal Powder Feeder
Coal Feed Hopper t/h 5
Soil Belt Speed m/s 0.5-1.2
Coal Belt Speed m/s 0.0-0.5
Dynamic Cumulative Error % ±2
Power kw 1.5
Weight kg 1000

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